Ruqqus is closing down

End of an Era

published 10/6/2021


It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the difficult decision to close Ruqqus. It has been a wild ride, but that ride has now come to an end. Ruqqus was always a hobby project for us, a side hustle that we care deeply about. Unfortunately, our life situations have slowly changed over the last few years, and we are simply no longer able to dedicate the time and effort into running Ruqqus the way we have in the past. We appreciate everyone who contributed content, code, and votes to our little porpl gem of a site. We would not have had nearly as much fun without you. Our deeper goal, aside from running an alternative social media site, was to write a framework that anyone can pick up and use to launch their own platform. With eight different sites using Ruqqus code, I'd say we succeeded. Even though the Ruqqus project has come to its natural conclusion, the spirit lives on. Here is what to expect in the coming days: * Effective immediately, Coin sales are disabled. We will also refund any purchases made within the last two weeks. * Effective immediately, the Ruqqus source code license is being changed to LGPL. (No impact to existing forks unless you choose to update). * In one week, we will put Ruqqus into read-only mode. At the same time, we will make the [API](/help/docs) open-access, allowing anyone to download site content in JSON format. * In thirty days, we will replace with a static site, detailing the steps necessary to launch your own Ruqqus clone. We will also close * The Ruqqus discord server and SaaS server will remain as-is. * In 120 days, we will purge and destroy the database (a necessary step to protect user privacy). Thank you to everyone. -The admins.