Frequently Asked Questions


Sqwok is a service where people can form live conversations around shared topics in a way that's simple, intuitive, and fun.
The service is centered around Posts that contain a built-in feature-rich chat room. Any person who knows the url can open their mobile or desktop browser to immediately view the Post, and with minimal clicks, they can join in the conversation and start talking.
Posts are attached to a person's profile and the most active discussions will be featured at the top of the homepage. People on Sqwok can follow eachother and instantly join their friends when they're in a conversation.
Sqwok was created to address a gap in live discussion on the internet. It's meant for anyone who seeks conversation with other humans around topics such as news, history, science, technology, finance, entertainment, sports, and current events.
The only thing required to use Sqwok is an internet connection and a browser. Sqwok works on both mobile and desktop web and we plan to develop a native mobile application in the future.


A Post is a 300 character or less statement that could be anything from a whimsical thought, to an expression about an interesting subject, or a comment on a current news topic. Posts may contain urls which are shortened and take a max of 23 characters from the 300 character limit.
The last url in a Post is crawled and used to display rich meta data, such as the lead image, summary, publication date, and author information.
No, currently you cannot edit a post once it's created, but stay tuned as we develop the service and add enhanced functionality in the future.
Yes you can delete Posts, and it will also delete all messages.


Chat is a fundamental feature of Sqwok, and allows all people viewing a Post to communicate with eachother in real time. This is achieved by typing into the chat input dialog at the bottom of the chat box and then pressing "enter".