Frequently Asked Questions


Sqwok Public Chat is a new real time social network made for conversationalists. Who and what is a conversationalist? It is anyone who is interested in creating and engaging in open discussion about a variety of topics, in a meaningful, constructive, and honest way.

The site was created to scratch an itch. Where most of the world's news websites and social networks rely on threaded comments, Sqwok was designed from the ground up for real time communication, using the latest cutting-edge technology, and with accessibility, simplicity, and enjoyment always in mind.

The core feature of Sqwok is user-created "posts" that are effortless to make, and contain a high-quality built-in chatroom directly in the page. Share the url and anyone can open it on their mobile or desktop web enabled device, and instantly view or start talking with minimal clicks.

We miss the old days of the net when ten random strangers from around the world could instantly hop into an open conversation with minimal clicks on AOL, MSN, and ICQ.

Now with Sqwok Public Chat, instant topical conversation is not only possible but reliable and fun.

Welcome and we hope you'll stick around!
Sqwok is for any person older than age 13.
It's based on a belief that human connection is the most sacred and powerful thing in the Universe, & as a species we must continually invent new ways to communicate, share ideas, & reason about the world together.
It is a platform for conversationalists & we welcome all respectful people who would like to participate.
The only thing required to use Sqwok is an internet connection and a browser. Sqwok works on both mobile and desktop web and we plan to develop a native mobile application in the future.


A Post is a 300 character or less statement that could be anything from a whimsical thought, to an expression about an interesting subject, or a comment on a current news topic. Posts may contain urls which are shortened and take a max of 23 characters from the 300 character limit.
The last url in a Post is crawled and used to display rich meta data, such as the lead image, summary, publication date, and author information.
No, currently you cannot edit a post once it's created, but stay tuned as we develop the site and add enhanced functionality in the future.
Yes you can delete Posts, and it will also delete all messages.


Chat is a fundamental feature of Sqwok, and allows all people viewing a Post to communicate with eachother in real time. This is achieved by typing into the chat input dialog at the bottom of the chat box and then pressing "enter".
Anyone with an account who is logged into the app will be able to chat on Sqwok. There are no other requirements.
If you type @ into the chat, you'll notice a menu will appear for finding another user to @mention.
who do you want to @mention?
The dialog menu is initially populated with suggested users based on the current chat thread, or it will be empty and require you to type a name.
To find a specific user to @mention, simply begin to type their name until it appears, and at that point simply press "enter" or click the name to create the mention.
who do you want to @mention?
When a user is mentioned, they will instantly receive an in-app notification that let's them know you have mentioned them, and will give them the opportunity to join you in conversation.
Sqwok has built-in support for markdown syntax, allowing rich and dynamic expressiveness in your messages, user biographies, and more.
Here is a guide explaining what's currently supported.

bold & italic
The alphabet of you
The alphabet of you
The alphabet of you
underline & italic
The alphabet of you
The alphabet of you
The alphabet of you
The alphabet of you
The alphabet of you
The alphabet of you
The alphabet of you
header 1

# hello

header 2

# hello

header 3

# hello

markdown url

Live Markdown Emulator

who do you want to @mention?
Practice makes perfect.

The input box above is similar to the chat input embedded in each post. Try typing any of the markdown syntax patterns and watch as your text is transformed, with included preview mode enabled.

The markdown syntax can be mixed and matched in most cases, have fun!