We're building the best place for live public discussion on the web.

Sqwok is a new digital town square. Built from the ground-up specifically for instant, open, and delightful public discussion about the kitchen-table topics important to you. Our mission is to make public chat fun again!

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chat is dead, long live chat!

Like many endeavors, it all started with an annoyance! @guac was tired of refreshing the page to know when new comment replies had come in while engaging in conversation on a legacy social site. The problem was that the discussion was happening within a threaded comment system, not designed for live conversation.

Inspired by chat programs of the past, including AOL Chat, IRC, and ICQ, and made possible by recent advancements in internet browser technology, it's finally time to build a true open discussion site built for the 21st century, specifically for connecting people out in the open to share ideas, thoughts, and more.

Our goal is to build the best place for live conversation with humans on the web — martians please inquire at imamartian@sqwok.im.

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Today Sqwok is ready for use on mobile and desktop web, with many thousands of people from every continent except Antarctica creating interesting conversations, building connections, even friendships. We've had people from all walks of life and we welcome all.

Whether you want to create an on-the-fly chatroom to text out to all your friends and family, asking them which episode of Stranger Things is the best, or you want to talk about the latest news, current event, or cultural intrigue, Sqwok is open and ready for your great conversation.

All posts on Sqwok are public and contain a built-in super-charged chatroom, easily shareable by url!

What are you waiting for? Get Sqwokin!